Blue Draft

Blue Draft

Blue Draft is a pony currently living in Ponyville. He is an engineer, and frequently likes to invent things. His main source of work and income is as a professional draftsmen and project manager.

Due to his affinity with all things construction, his Cutie Mark is a basic site plan on blue drafting paper.


Blue Draft Cutie Mark

Blue Draft's Cutie Mark

Blue Draft has several inventions that are up and running, as well as several more in development. No comment could be reached on his current projects.

Finished/ OperationalEdit

  • A Gateway system, which can be used for several things
    • Any two Gates can be connected to allow neat instantaneous travel between them.
      • Although difficult to set up, this can be used to travel between universes.
    • Each Gate also functions as a sort of "Scrying orb" and can be used to view anything within 1 square mile of any Gate.
  • Single-use Displacement Apparatus (SuDA)
    Bluedraft walk left

    Blue Draft as a Desktop Pony

    • This is a teleportation device that can be used to transport between dimensions. It was developed to make cross dimensional Gateway construction a possibility. The downside, is that each SuDA only has enough power for one trip.
  • Mechanical wings
    • A unicorn version, which is much less bulky as well as more realistic
    • looking.
      • Powered directly by the unicorn operator's magic.
    • An earth pony version, which is bulky and inefficient.
      • Utilizes combustion engines which are noisy, use fossil fuels, and emit pollution.
      • An improved version is in development.

In DevelopmentEdit

  • Mechanical Hands
    • Spike provided initial assistance, but his hands, being more clawlike, proved unsuitable as a reference.

Ponies of interestEdit

  • Twilight Sparkle occasionally helps Blue Draft with his projects. She was pivotal in the testing and maiden voyage of the original Gateway.
  • Rainbow Dash played a minor role in the design of the Unicorn wing variant. She posed as the mold for the artificial wings.
  • Pinkie-the-Pirate(Tumblr ) is an old friend of his. She was also highly important in the development of the Gate system. Her dimension was the first alternate one to have a Gate constructed in it.
  • The Doctor provided the original inspiration for the Gateway system. He also brought Blue Draft to Pinkie's dimension to allow the construction of the first cross-dimensional Gate.

Fan ArtEdit

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