Bing Pony
Flat Bing Pony-cutiebing
Ask Bing Pony
Bing Pony tumblr
Owner [Devil Doll]
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Main Character(s) Bing

Ask Bing Pony is a sfw blog about a search engine who mostly wants to be liked by everyone and is very nice she can be sensitive sometimes from the hate she gets but her fans help her.


The art is made from Paint Tool Sai with a Intous 4 small tablet.

Character bioEdit

Bing is a nice pony that really wants to be liked and hang out with the browser ponies which she feels like she can't since she's a search engine. Bing are kinda friends with the browser ponies but don't see or talk to them much she just talks to her followers/askers. She been switching mane styles and tail styles because she thinks having the same style is boring and if she switch it up sometimes people might like her more (and might notice she's a girl NOT a boy).

  • Name: Bing
  • Age: 4 (yet looks like a normal adult pony)
  • Birthday: June, 3 2009
  • Mane color: Dark blue
  • Coat color: Blue
  • Eye color: Orange
  • Cutie mark:  The B for Bing

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