Best Pony Sisters
Panel v-2
Best Pony Sisters tumblr
Owner Michael NlGMA Tucker, DeviantArt
Blog type Ask Blog, Drawn Responses, SFW
Status Active
Date Created September 23rd, 2012.
Main Character(s) Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Supporting Character(s) Levan Terra

Best Pony Sisters is a drawn ask blog run by Michael "NlGMA" Tucker featuring Rarity and Sweetie Belle. As the name suggests, the blog revolves around the two sisters trying to be the best sisters they can be. The blog is SFW and aims for cute.

The Early DaysEdit

Despite only being released to the public on September 23rd of 2012, the concept was under development for many months before that. In fact the first update was collaberation between NlGMA , the creator and now only contributing artist, and YomiKomi. The rough sketch was provided by YomiKomi and NlGMA did the inking, colouring and background design. The panel would have infact been released two weeks earlier had a fatal stylus malfunction not resulted in progress till a replacement could be shipped over. It was the only collaberation to date.

Throughout the early updates, changes in the art style are easlily noticable. These can be attributed to the artist still experimenting with style.

Guest AppearancesEdit


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