Basil Swag

Ask Basil the Dragon is an ask/RP blog featuring a fleshed-out and semi-realistic take on the red dragon from episode 7 Dragonshy. It follows the often misadventures of Basil as he attempts to make sense of the "flower-hugging, namby pamby" pony world he's gotten wrapped up in.

A very aggressive and individual dragon, Basil often does not suffer a fool. Seen as pompous and arrogant as any good dragon is, Basil is often rude and dismissive to the newcomer and it takes quite a bit of time for him to warm up to a new face.

Those that get to know him, however, often find him a mostly polite, pleasent, and well-spoken individual.


Blog Type:

Ask, Role Play,

Date Created:

August 12th, 2011

Primary Contacts:

rarityreplies, ask-twilight, ask-box-ships, ask-reginald-dragon, askacopperdragon, ask-princess-celestia, profcoltbalt,

Current Status:

On Hiatus

Primary Character:

Basil the Dragon

Basil has a very tenuous relationship with the Minion Union and has aquired several dozen flesh-eating beetles and a henchmen (Box Ships) after months and months of paperwork.

Basil currently is in a deep, deep sleep

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