Asktrappedmarcus tumblr
Owner KitFisto1997 dA
Blog type Ask, RP and Story
Status Active
Date Created Forgotten
Main Character(s) Marcus
Supporting Character(s) Marcus
Connected With AskAngstyScratch, Ask Vinyl Stuff

Asktrappedmarcus formerly Ask-Marcus-Zeyphos and askinsanemarcus is a RP/Ask Blog featuring a young  Time Lord by the name of Marcus, who has had a relationship with The Doctor at some point, he is constantly trying to find him., He is currently in his third regeneration, he also has currently interacted with the following blogs:

Ask Cat Doctor


Doctoress Whooves

Appearence and ToolsEdit

Marcus has the appearence of a dark blue Unicorn with a teal/green eye colour, but with major internal differences, apart from having two hearts as is standard for a Time Lord/Pony, he has an extensive knowledge on alien and human launguages, he has extremely powerful telekenetic powers, this is a trait not common in Time Lords, even Marcus has no idea where they are from. His human form is proportionate to a 17 year old male wearing a brown short sleeved jacket, and matching trousers, his accent is a hybrid English/Australian. He has traveled with the Doctor at some point, reciving a sonic screwdriver of his own, along with a vortex manipulator for long range teleports and travel through the Tumblrverse. His vortex manipulator breaks down constantly causing him to have to modify it as seen in AngstyScratch he takes Octavia to Earth.


Maarcus has been since been trapped in the Void through unknown reasons, however there is evidance that he escaped, in a RP message to AngstyScratch he's relased himself, but at the cost of his 2nd body. 

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