Ask Filly GrimhollowEdit

Things you may not know...Edit

  1. Grimhollow is a OC I use from, only slighty twisted
  2. She's 13
  3. She's places in Equstria 1,000 years after Twilight Sparkle corination
  4. She's studing under Princess Twilight, (in this blog she lives for ever)
  5. Celstia and Luna have been gone for a hundered years due to the fact that Queen Chrysalis trying to over rule Equstria, she was latter in caser in ember, but Celstia and Luna fear, so they stay were she is
  6. She lives in Night Oak Library (aka Golden Oak Library) her parents live in a near by house
  7. She's good at magic and will some day will the elements of harmony
  8. Her two x friends, Galileo, a bule clot pegasus who's very good at flying, but a little shorter, and Stary Dreams, a blue unicorn who's magic is used to make beautiful night shows kicked her to the curb after being exepted into the "popular" group
  9. Her new freinds origanal pics can be found at

That's it for now!
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