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Ask, Art Blog

Date Created:

March 15, 2012



Update Frequency:

Once every 2-3 days


Surreal Humour, Mayonnaise




CDPPie (

Askduality like most other asktumblr blogs, is run by a college student. Duality is a unicorn who resides in Ponyville. His cutie mark consists of a Penrose triangle and an eye, although his special talent has yet to be explained. Duality is currently part of the Refreshments team in the 2012 Winter Wrap Up event, recently successfully brewing a cup of hot water. Although self-proclaimed as 'one of the best baristas in Ponyville,' Duality's actual occupation remains unknown.

The blog is not drawn with a definite style as the mod is still experimenting. These are the first pony and digital drawings the mod has ever done. The mod uses mainly Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. The mod often lurks around on Livestreams chats by the name of CDPPie.

The following asktumblrs inspired the mod to start this blog:,,


You can find Duality here:

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