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Silly Stickmen

He is the main stickman of the group and also does most of the answers for the blog. Though there is no real background to him, he is the silliest of the group. There are three others that look like him but they have different personalities...

Red=Lazy; Blue=Mature; Orange=Shy

Grim Dark Stickman

He is the one with grey eyes, dark overshadow and apperently blood dripping from his left eye. Though he is suppose to be "Grim Dark" he isn't really because the creators art style and the final product of what is suppose to be grim dark cancels out, defeating the whole purpose of being grim dark.

Sleep Deprived Stickman

He is the one with bags under his eyes and is usually holding a paper cup with the contents of coffee. Nobody knows how long he has no sleep or why he even stays up forever but he does. He has the tendency to fall asleep in the weirdest places if he doesn't drink his coffee.

"Otaku" Stickman

He is the one with hair, anime eyes and the lack of ability to show any other expression other then excited. He rarely appears but only when the question has something to do with anime. He does speak japanese (thanks to useful tool of google tanslate) and has subtitles underneth for those who can't read japanese and don't waste their time going to a class to learn how to read japanese just so that they can read what he says when ever he appears.

Angsty Stickman

He is the one with stiches, grey skin on some of the face and has dark grey eyes. He is from those over used pictures where the character lives in a post apocalypse world with very little hope of recovering. He rarely says anything or even show any facial expressions other than the look bored.


The newest member to the group because of a majority wanted one on the blog. Even though she hasn't actually answered any questions the impression from everyone is positive and yet terrifying because of reasons that it will involve either putting them into boxes to some random place or leading to innocent people to unfollow this blog because of mature images, which won't happen... I hope...

  • Flowertrio told me to do this...*