Ask the medical defenses pony
Ask the medical defenses pony tumblr
Blog type draw/ask
Status active
Date Created December 1,2012
Main Character(s) MDP
Supporting Character(s) Z
Connected With

MD when she decided to go to prom and was forced in wearing a ponytail and bow


Visiting her mothers grave on Mothers day


One of her longest friends is Lord crimson.This is her recalling the times they spent.

Nightmares crimmy

Despite the fact that he torments other ponies with nightmares she is still his best friend.She had him promise her to not cause her nightmares.In this pic she is having a nightmare and crimmy(the name she always calls him)Is in the nightmare watching her,as said he wasn't the cause of it.


Mdp is silly and nice but in this photo she easily gets mad for some one calling her cute.


She faints at the sight of blood even though she is a nurse.


Another pony had be disguised as MD's male self.She seemed to got close to MD and knock her out injecting her with something not explaining why.

  • MD not knowing how to respond to crimmy asking hang out with him on hearts and hooves dayGo to The post
  • a earlyier drawing of MD first meeting Crimson
  • old when she agreed to help crimson in return for no more nightmares
  • A request drawing done by the mod of Lord crimson
  • Stubborn as she does what she wants
  • Go to Nightmare form crimson hanging out in her newest nightmare
  • hearing that they will have to go to the forest she is afraid.
  • Go to How she would look as a athro


Old MV

Ask the MDP or ask the medical defenses pony.A ask blog on tumblr for a o.c pony named MD.She is silly and caring but quick to anger especially when called cute or adorable anything related to that to her.


.She is a nurse at the ponyville hospital that certainly doesn't fit the bill.She faints at the sight of blood though there all times she doesn't.Because of her fear she is often put to basic jobs as tending to the kids or elderly.She understands why and still continues with that though she has the medical skills of a doctor.Asked once before if she would like to be a doctor she refused she felt she would not cut out for it based on how she is.

       Co workers

It doesn't seem that she has any friends or fellow nurses she talks to at the hospital.She sometimes sleeps there since she has nothing else to do.She bearly has any friends so she works and goes home.


She doesn't appear to have any siblings.Her mom as shown on a late mother's day post is dead.The father is unclear if dead or not so far.He was meantioned once on a ask asking MD wheere or who she learned magic from.She responded by saying her father but didn't say anything more.


One of her friends though goes by lord crimson.This pony lived long ago before celestia sent luna away.He has a nack for tormeting ponies with nightmares.Due to when they first met he had promised to not cause MD anymore nightmares in return for her help.After that they became good friends.He still caused others nightmares just not to MD.She still hangs out with him even though he does that.They are the best of friends and it is unclear if their relationship will go any further then that at the moment.

           Story arc

In a story arc a new character had shown up.Deguised as MD's male self void she knocked out MD.A alicorn who used magic to change form then injected MD with a unknown substance.So far the others have seen her as a bad guy.She seems to bear a similar appearance as MD though she stated she isn't MD's sibling sister or a changling.When asked on her reason she says its for MD's good.To think of it as shes the nurse providing the patient with their medication.As told to by a unknown pony.She then takes MD's form and fill in as her as MD recovers.The side effects from the substance caused her great pain on her joint and her use of magic.She then got submerdged in a nightmare.In the nightmare MD is being chased by some creature.

Md and the creature

The creature seems to chase after her for unknown reasons and she feels the need to run and not let it touch her.As it continues she finds out crimson is hanging out in her nightmare.He admits to watching and not helping her out.She knowns he isn't the cause for this though.

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