Ask the mare doc
Ask the mare doc tumblr
Blog type ask
Status active
Date Created 19-08-13
Main Character(s) Doctor Whooves
Supporting Character(s) Derpy Hooves

Ask the mare doc is an ask blog with adventure side plots. It features a female version of the Doctor, originally male, but who accidentally threw himself into a universe were all genders are reversed.

The blog is SFW

The ask blog is for now always open, and story based asks are welcome to keep it interesting.


The Doctor, for unknown reasons, accidentally got thrown in a gender flipped universe. He has no idea how or why, but is pretty content with being a mare.

She quickly finds Derpy Hooves, and finds out that in this universe they did travel together as well, and that the two universes seem to be parallel to each other.


Shower time2

Derpy and the Doctor after a shower

The blog focuses on the Doctor and Derpy. The only character from the show that has showed up, is

Twilight Sparkle's male counterpark. The blog sometimes features characters asking a question.

Recently, the Doctor and Derpy from the show universe has joined the gang temporarily, stating that they were chased there.


The Doctor is laid back, has a thing for cute things and oranges. She does not like pears that much, or bananas. She prides herself in her ability to observer everything, but is still completely unaware of Derpy's feelings for her, which Derpy is grateful for since he isn't ready to confess.

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