this tumblrpony blog features Derpy, Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash, Luna, Trixie, and Sunset Shimmer. They absorbed the energy from the previous mane 6, which had some strange side effects.

Derpy is always hungry for flesh, and apparently attacked the doctor. She represents magic. Twilight became a time goddess.

Vinyl Scratch can manipulate soundeavess (and is a bit of a whore). She represents generosity. Rarity lies asleep in bed, traveling through dreams.

Rainbow Dash is very energetic. she represents laughter. Pinkie is the new librarian, and is very loud.

Trixie has a split personality disorder. She represents kindness. Fluttershy is a tyrant, dressed as a queen controlling animals.

Sunset Shimmer is an assassin. She represents honesty. Applejack can generate fire, and goes by "flaming core".

Luna became albino, and she glows in the dark. She represents loyalty.

the blog can be found here:

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