Ask the Treo of Alicorns
Ask the Treo of Alicorns tumblr
Owner Alonz-ypony
Blog type Ask blog with a story
Status Open
Date Created March 2nd 2014
Main Character(s) Allonz-y, Flutter, and Sparkle

 This blog is run by Alonz-ypony who also runs sevral other blogs.


As Alonz-ypony's OC, Allonz-y shares many of the same traits as Alonz-y. Though Alonz-y is aiming for this OC in this blog to be the comical charector, so Allonz-y will be imiture a lot but can be very miture when she needs to be. Allonz-y is the eldest of them all and wants nothing more than to have a happy life for herself and her sisters. 


That just might be why she represents both the element of Laughter and Kindness.


Futter is the middle and can be rather bossy. Flutter has stuck with her sisters from day 1. She wishes only the best for her sisters and would do anything to keep them safe and happy. Flutter has seen what lieing does and has never told one lie since her parents got divorced.


That might be the reason she represents both the element of Loyalty and Honisty.


The youngest of the treo is Sparkle. She has a one track mind, when she wants something she sets her mind to it. Talented at magic she uses it to help others and is very genorous.


This is most likely why she is both the element of Magic and Genorosity.

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