Ask the Pie Sisters
Ask the Pie Sisters tumblr
Owner Atlur
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created September 19, 2011
Main Character(s) Blinkie, Inkie, and Pinkie Pie

Ask the Pie Sisters is an ask blog featuring Blinkie, Inkie, and Pinkie Pie. It also features an ongoing story. While all three sisters are featured, most submissions are from Blinkie and Inkie's perspective.



Blinkie is the youngest sister. She has a purplish-grey coat, light gray mane and tail, and yellow eyes. Her cutie mark is gold ore. She has a soft spot for rock-based puns.


Inkie is the second oldest sister. She has a grey coat with dark grey mane and tail, and purple eyes. Her cutie mark is an amethyst geode. She runs a pet rock cart at the farm that she is very passionate about, despite her otherwise shy demeanor. She also likes hats.


Pinkie Pie is the oldest sister of the three. She is based on the Pinkie Pie from the show, with creative liberties taken for storytelling purposes. She has a pink coat, a pink mane, and blue eyes. Her cutie mark is party balloons.


This blog primarily explores the lives of Blinkie and Inkie, who are still living on the rock farm with their parents. It is meant to fit within the universe as presented in the show, though it does deviate somewhat, the most blatant change being that life on the rock farm wasn't completely dreary all the time before Pinkie got her cutie mark. It operates on the assumption that Pinkie was exaggerating a bit during her cutie mark story, but that things were in general rather somber before the Sonic Rainboom event. After Pinkie got her cutie mark the family was able to look past the troubles they had been going through and learned to appreciate what they did have.


Ask the Pie Sisters is done by Atlur on deviantART

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