Ask the Order-naries
Ask the Order-naries tumblr
Owner C. Theron Vulpin
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created 5/17/2012

Ask the Order-naries is an ask-blog starring the eponymous quartet of humans-turned-ponies from a series offan-fictions written by the blog's moderator C. Theron Vulpin. The setting of the blog is that Gale, the Order-naries's resident mechanic and tech-head, has built a computer and webcam capable of connecting to the interdimensional internet. The questions received thus far have centered around the characters's backstories and abilities, but any topic is welcome. Depending on the question, anywhere between one and all four Order-naries will give their input and sometimes get off on small tangents.

The characters are made using the Pony Creator game on deviantArt and placed on a simple background in GIMP.

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