Ask the night angel is a blog about an OC and her friends, family and her ...... Crush... Updated not so often (as in barely ever) as the Mod is still dealing with school. The blog only has around eight posts and five followers at the time

The blog can be found at

Characters Edit

There was only one character fully presented in this blog so far.

Night Angel Edit

Night Angel is the pony the blog is based around. As stated in one of the more recent posts, she is a young Manehattan Pegasus mare with no cutie mark due to a common illness that would explain why some ponies lose their cutie marks in the show, though, hers is permanent due to the mod's headcanon that fillies and/or colts born from two ponies of different species get a chance of the disease. She has a somewhat dark coloration (blue coat, Indigo and purple mane) Orchid eyes and this weird little floaty peice of hair (Ahoge, Hetalia type) . Bright personality.

Story Edit

There is no story evident yet.


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