Quick Step
"Challenge Accepted!"
Ask the DDR Pony tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created May 23, 2013
Main Character(s) Quick Step
Supporting Character(s) Best Friend (Currently unamed), Owner of Arcade (Currently Unamed), Mod Virtura

Quick Step is a highly competitive pony living in Ponyville. A master of DDR, she can often be found beasting it out on the dance mat at the local arcade. She'll accept any challenges, but be forewarned. It isn't easy to be a pony who got her cutie mark in DDR.

This blog was created by Virtura, as a fun little pastime.


The arcade occasionally host gaming tournaments. On these days, anypony can participate in any game. Quick, as an employee of the arcade, often helps organize, run, and advertise these.


Quick Step often loved visiting the arcade when she was a filly. Saving up whatever bits she aquired, she would make a bi-weekly trip to the arcade, drifing amongst the games and playing whichever ones struck her fancy on that day. It was a fairly normal process, until the day she discovered Dance Dance Revolution. Though at first it seemed as if Quick had two left feet, it wasn't long before she got the hang of the game. Spending more time than ever at the arcade, she became friends with the employees and many of the frequents there. 

Around this time, however, she was beginning to get discouraged. While she wasn't the last, she was starting to become one of the only kids her age without a cutie mark. On a particularly low day, she went to the arcade to try and cheer herself up. And though she wasn't in the best mood, she put her bits in the DDR machiene, and selected a random song. She completed it with an AAA rating, and when she looked around she saw her friends praising he

r. She turned, and lo and behold, she had gotten her cutie mark!

She recieved a job at the arcade a few days later, and ever since has been spending her days playing her favorite game, and maybe a few others.

Evolution of Quick StepEdit

  • First question answered by Quick Step
  • The original Banner for ask-the-ddr-pony
  • 16 follower milestone
  • Quick Step got a makeover, and a new icon.
Quick step has evolved since she first joined tumblr. Along with the mod's art improving slowly, a review from Pony Reviews caused her to get a color change. And there will probably be many more improvements to come.


  • Quick Step owns her own arcade version of DDR, so if she can't make it into the arcade, or doesn't feel like leaving her house, she can play without worry.

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