The Apple Twins

Ask the Apple Twins is an art blog run by Derpy Herpgineer, the mod of the Ask Derpy Herpgineer blog. It follows the background ponies Apple Fritter and Apple Strudely from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They are both twin sisters and are part of the Apple family. Later, the ask blog was probably dead as it was renamed to "News" and had random advertisement entries.

Vocational Death CruiseEdit

Apple Fritter briefly took part in the Vocational Death Cruise, but dropped out on day two. It remains unexplained how she returned to Ponyville so quickly, considering she was on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Introduction of Apple StrudelyEdit

Original the blog was focussed only on Apple Fritter, but her twin sister Apple Strudely was introduced as a temporary character. This was later changed to make her a full time character and thus the blog went under slight changes for this new character.


The parents of the twins were shown in an answer. Not much is know about them except their names and their mother's cutie mark. The names of the two are Bramley Apple (father) and Sweet Honeycrisp (mother).

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