Ask the Ace
Ace. The stallion your stallion could smell like.
Ask the Ace tumblr
Owner Oscar
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Date Created January 2012
Main Character(s) Ace
Connected With Ask Laura

Ask Frigid Drift

various mares

Ask the Ace (alternately known as ask-the-ace or Ask Ace, Mustache is Ready) is an ask-driven blog surrounding the many adventures of our mustachioed tennis-playing hero, Ace. Manlier than a very manly man doing manly things, he never backs down from a challenge, and is more than ready to face the fiercest of foes.

Unfortunately, whenever he is not performing acts of skill or bravery, he spends his time coming up with incredibly bad puns. This proves rather annoying.

Along the way, he'll spend time with some of the most beautiful mares in all of Tumblrpon. And insult most of them.

Ace's puns aren't annoying, in fact they are the most cleverly written works of art anyone has ever created.

Ace doesn't insult mares, he gives critiques on what they could be doing better.

And No, this is not Ace editing his own wiki page.

The editor is not speaking in third person meaning that it cannot be Ace who is behind the editing screen.

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