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The Snips we all know and love!
Ask snips tumblr
Blog type Ask, Drawn
Status Active
Date Created July? 2011
Main Character(s) Snips
Supporting Character(s) Truffle Shuffle, Rainbow Scoots
Connected With Rainbow Scoots

This ask-blog is about the side-character Snips. Founded in summer 2011 it started with text based answers, gradually switching to hand drawn, scanned responses. Later they were replaced by pictures drawn on the computer. It doesn't have a fixed update schedule.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Rainbow ScootsEdit

The blog has been partially canonised (literally) with the rainbow-maned Rainbow Scoots, therefore Scootaloo has her hair dyed in the colours of the rainbow in this blog as well. Snips and Rainbow Scoots have hinted at being interested in each other from time to time but ultimately interact more like friends.

Truffle ShuffleEdit

Truffle-Shuffle has been Snips' nemesis since his first appearance in the show. He took over Snips' tumblr for April Fool's Day 2012. After Snips escaped from where Truffle Shuffle had him tied up, he allowed Truffle Shuffle to join Snips to co-star the blog, so questions can be asked to either or both ponies.


Although Snails doesn't show up very frequently, he has made some appearances. Alternate tumblr universe's Snails have appeared, namely Rule 63 Snails leading to Snips' Snails being dressed in a wig.


Snips has also implied he has a thing for Twist.

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