Ask Filmcut
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Ask film cut tumblr
Owner aginpro (dA)
Blog type Story
Status Active
Date Created July 2012
Main Character(s) Filmcut
Connected With Albino Pie

Ask Filmcut is a pretty standard ask blog. You ask a question and the mod tries to answer it in the funniest way they can. The blog's genre is humor.

Filmcut is a pegasi from the land of Norhay (Norway). His cutie mark is a classic film camera and his talent and job is film making and producing. He is also currently dating Albino Pie. He has a lot of friends and they appear on the blog multiple times

The blog is made using symbol puppets and therefore is in a show-accurate style. And thanks to the symbol puppets the mod can make animations, as shown in the video below.

Even newer intro o3o00:08

Even newer intro o3o

My youtube

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