Dawn Rising treating White Night's wound.

Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony is set in a world where a mad scientist hell bent on destroying the royal family of Canterlot. He succeeds and creates the zombie virus, infecting his assistant who believed he was trying to help blank flank ponies, not design a weapon that would attack magic and flight. The virus spread quickly through both bites and the air, sickening the unicorns and pegasus ponies.

The main character Dawn Rising is a mare who used to serve in the Equestrian military alongside her father and is the lone survivor of the group of soldiers meant to protect Ponyville. She survived on her own for a while until White Night saved her from becoming bit and succumbing to the virus himself. Despite most pegasus ponies being infected he's not one of the dead, though there is speculation that he may be carrier of the virus anyways and could turn at any moment. Auto, Dawn Rising's fiance who was thought to be dead, joined the duo recently. He credits intelligence over brawn on how he managed to survive the zombie apocalypse. After all, he's not a fighter like the love of his life is. Finally, Dr Day Stars in the first pony turned zombie. She used to be an innocent lab assistant to the lunatic scientist Dr. West before her demise. She was tricked into believing that he was developing a cure for blank flanks who never received their cutie mark. Dr. West injected her with his deadly zombie virus. When he believed he had failed, he let his guard down and was ultimately eaten when Day Stars returned to life. After some time she regained her memory and thinking skills. She is entirely remorseful about her part in the end of Equestria.

Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony
Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony tumblr
Owner Abbyka
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Main Character(s) Dawn Rising, White Night, and Dr. Day Stars
Supporting Character(s) Dr. West

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