Zap McVolts
"Always classy, inside and out!"
Ask Zap tumblr
Owner kurcmi
Blog type Ask blog
Status Active
Date Created July 2013
Main Character(s) Zap McVolts
Supporting Character(s) Oakley, Irish Creme, Muddy Mane, Flamehoof

Ask Zap is a SFW drawn-response OC ask blog, run by Chip  The art is done with GIMP.


Zap McVolts is an 18 year old, flirty light blue stallion. He resides in a small shack behind Sugarcube Corner in the small but happy town of Ponyville.

Zap grew up in New Horseleans, his family being rich and prosperous.

((update 2017 from chip (original creator of zap) honestly? this is awful))

Cutie Mark/Special TalentEdit

Zap's cutie mark is a blue lightning bolt outlined with orange. It shows his talent of having electric abilities, since he's a super SECRET robot.

that one gif


Zap McVoltsEdit

Zap is an 18 year old stallion. He often likes to be a harmless little flirt, and is always trying to be classy. He cares a bunch about his friends and others around him.

Recurring CharactersEdit



Oakley is Zap's little 11 year old brother, with the talent of gardening. He is almost the complete opposite of Zap; as Zap likes to flirt, while Oakley does not. He's very friendly and open about things, and is nearly always happy. 

Irish CreamEdit

Irish Cream is Zap's 25 year old guy friend, he's invariably there when he needs to have 'guy talks.' He acts like a scruffy drunkard, but he's just a big old teddy bear inside. He often spends time at The Drunken Horse bar.

Muddy ManeEdit

Muddy Mane is Zap's 13 year old friend, with the talent of making mud pies. (And throwing them at people.) She's very cheerful and frequently goofs around a lot. Although she's a huge jokester, she can be serious .


Flamehoof is another one of Zap's friends. He's the same age as him. This guy is a real hothead (pun intended), and he's one of the most radical pegasi you'll ever meet. He's also one of the most quickest fliers. He flies so fast, he leaves a trail of flames behind him when he zips by.


Flutterbutt is Zap's bestest friend. They've been friends for a long time. Although they don't show all that much, they both have feelings for each other. {the plot starts now} But since Zap has been flirting with other mares, Flutter says she's over him, and she moves on. Zap finds out she's seeing another colt, and welp, the story goes from there.


Fanart of Doodle


Doodle is Zap's 17 year old best friend. She's a timid pegasus that's really nice and sweet, and she tries to get through life.

Tumblr mthv7md7q81syxfsso1 500

A group picture of Zap, Shimmerstrike, and CC. #twerk team 2013


Shimmerstrike is another 17 year old best friend. She wants to be a royal guard someday, but she's still trying to finish high school.

Chocolate ChipEdit

Chocolate Chip is another best friend of Zap. She loves baking cookies, and she has her own cookie shop. She's really nice.

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