Ask Yursulily
Hi there, Ponies! I got here by acident, but i will gladly study your culture & help you with anything i can.
Ask Yursulily tumblr
Owner Valentina Babkova
Status Active
Date Created October 3, 2011
Main Character(s) Yursulily
Supporting Character(s) Everyone

Ask Yursulily is a drawn ask blog starring

Yursulily, created by Valentina Babkova.This is a non-canon MLP blog, about a The Queen of the multiverse, that got stranded there, and can't go back. The blog tells the story of her life in Equestria and it's study.

At times you may see animated gif's on the blog, which are escorted with tons of random silliness by yours truly, that gets herself in some uncomfortable situations with other characters.
Yursulily ref

Yursulily Reference


No matter what world Yursulily is in, she will obtain the most powerful form possible that correlates to the world she's in. That's why when she crossed over to the pony world she became an alicorn. Although changing her form to any other wont make much of a problem for her. She also has a state of two forms pony/true form.

Story line.Edit

Yukiko isn't what she appears not a pony, but a queen of the multiverse, that keeps all the worlds in harmony and protects them from harm. She once tried to enter a world, but something went wrong, and before she knew it she was standing on Equestrian soil, and she wont be able to return unless she finds a very powerful source of power. She tried to use the elements of harmony and it turned out they weren't strong enough. Thus her quest goes on...

Relationship an childrenEdit

She has a husband and two kids. Thus she can't be with any other but her husband. No exceptions. There for any shipping or art posts(Like that one with the kiss) - are not canon in any way and do not relate to the story what so ever.

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