Ask Wondercloud Lightningbolt
Ask Wondercloud Lightningbolt tumblr
Blog type Image
Status Closed
Date Created September 13, 2011

Ask Wondercloud Lightningbolt is an ask blog based around the fanfic The Elements of Awesomery by Present Perfect, who also maintains the blog. It concerns the adventures of Wondercloud Lightningbolt and her friends in their "awesomeverse", as drawn by her fillyfriend, Sugar Rush. It showcases an over-the-top humor style, the same as the fanfiction which spawned it, meant to parody the show and bad fanfiction. Some of the humor also comes from canon characters being "awesomized" and given new personalities. It currently has no overarching storyline.

Ask Wondercloud Lightningbolt officially shut down on April 4, 2013 with a post from Present Perfect.

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