Ask Wolfie, Kake, and Asy
Derp Wolf Petal
Ask Wolfie, Kake, and Asy tumblr
Owner Alyssa Wolfbane
Blog type Ponysona
Status Inactive
Date Created January 19, 2013
Main Character(s) Wolf Petal -Unicorn/Werepony

Kake - Wolfdog cat hybrid Asystasia - Angel Wolf

Supporting Character(s) Alyssa Wolfbane -Human, has wolf parts

Ask Wolfie, Kake, and Asy is a sona askblog that revolves around Wolf Petal the Unicorn, Kake Watermeron the Wolfdog-cat hyrbid and Asystasia Puff the Angel Wolf. It has recently been unabandoned to answer asks again. The way their asks are answered is varied from being answered in Garry's Mod, a drawing, or even just text.

It has been revealed that Kake is fire resistant and has a tendancy to be a little bit snarky to the askers at times, but usually only once and awhile and will be very up beat and happy, seeming to be a bit happy go lucky and silly. While Asy has been reavealed to be disabled and unable to fly, she is very timid and has a tendency to stutter when talking. Wolfie on the other hand seems to be a bit of a mix of both of them. She has been seen to sometimes be in Team Fortress 2 maps as a Soldier and Pyro, she is also very weak in the skill of magic only being able to do basic spells such as move one light object at a time Although she has obtained an amulet known as the Amulet of Horn which lets her cast more powerful spells but has a tendency to mess up.

Their whole blog is Safe for Work, and has all censored traces of cursing but will have occasional blood, using substitute such as fiddlesticks (used by Kake when she was burned alive) and flipping(as used by Wolfie when spazzing about an Eevee as her starter pokemon).

The mod of the blog, Alyssa Wolfbane, who sometimes pops in, has been seen to strut around, waltz, and not care about them at times. Although when she does appear she is usually messing around with the askers.

Somethings that have been revealed about them is:

Asystasia: Unable to fly, star will occasionally glow, has a huge fear of doctors, will pretend to understand complicated math problems

Kake: Fire resistant, is 1/4 enderdog, has a tendancy to flaunt her rainbow "swag" around, is affected by catnip severely

Wolf Petal: Has two TF2 variants where she is a Soldier or a Pyro, loves Harley Quinn and cosplayed as her in an ask once, is from Balitmare, is easily confused by math, may be very depressed or angry for periods at a time

All three together: Cannot dance, all have something related to wolves in them

Kake has hinted before that no one has seen what Asy is capable of doing once, “Asystasia won’t need any help, you haven’t even seen what she’s capable of doing.”. It was going to be reaviled in a storyline of what Asy's hidden potential is, but will be revealed via asks eventually. Kake has also revealed she has a dark form called Kake Dread who she explained in a long winded paragraph.

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