Winterflake, a blind filly.

Ask Winter Flake is an OC "Ask Blog." The tumblr focuses on Winter Flake, a 14 year old pegasus with a white coat, brown mane, brown eyes, and a snowflake for a cutie mark.

She has a younger brother, Zero Vision, and an older sister, Summersky.

Winter Flake has not interacted with canon characters thus far, though her mod has a tumblr for filly-aged Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.


Ask Winter Flake is drawn using paint tool SAI and a mouse. Her design does not attempt to mimic "show accurate," but a few popular fan-styles have been imitated (i.e. raikissu, aphex, etc.)

The mod, Lumi, is collaborating with another artist know as Ihara on a comic to "fix her tumblr up".

Lumi has deleted her blog, and moved on. She does have a deviantART account, though! She's very active there, though she may not be drawing ponies anymore. Much.

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