Ask Wind Lotus
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Ask Wind Lotus tumblr
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Blog type Ask, Story
Status Active
Date Created 09/09/2013
Main Character(s) Wind Lotus


Wind Lotus is an earth pony. He was hidden in the forests outside of Ponyville until he became an adut pony. Unlike most earth ponies, Wind Lotus was trained as a shinobi. According to the first post on his tumblr page, he was sent into town to protect Ponyville from an incoming dragon invasion.

Since he is a new resident, he has made no friends and has sucessfully avoided Pinkie Pie

Cutie MarkEdit

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Wind Lotus's cutie mark.

Wind Lotus's cutie mark is a 4-point shuriken with a bandana wrapped around the top. The origin of the mark and it's meaning has not been explained in his blog.

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