Ask Whooves and companions is an ask blog featuring The Doctor, in his 13th regeneration(First as a pony), and his four companions, Derpy(Wife), Dinky(Daughter), Jack Harkness, And Inspiration(OC)

These were not always his companions, he has mentioned that he had a single one before, a filly named "Amber Flicker" who had to be left behind after learning something she should'nt, due to The Master. He says he had'n seen her since.

This launched the blog into a storyline where Inspiration invited her friend Amber for Hearth's warming, not metioning that she lived in the TARDIS. Amber accepts, coming to the address listed, shocked when she enter the TARDIS, and not for the usual reasons. At first, The Doctor does'nt reconize her, but when he does, he seems very pleased. The mod cut the story off for a while at that point, in favor of more random posts.

In a sub-catergory of the blog, questions can be sent to Rose Tyler in her pony form. It has'nt been mentioned how she's in equestria, but tat she and the ponies of Martha and Sarah Jane are in search of the Doctor. Rose somehow has ahold of a vortex manipulator.

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