White Bow
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Ask White Bow tumblr
Owner Cresento (dA)
Status Inactive
Date Created Nov. 29th, 2011
Main Character(s) White Bow
Supporting Character(s) Flicker Heart
Connected With Princess Silver Swirl, Rhythm Blues

Ask White Bow was a NSFW art blog with a significant backstory. It permanently stopped updating in April 2012, with the mod choosing to concentrate on other things, stating that they felt uncomfortable with continuing. They have since started work on a new tumblrpony, Princess Silver Swirl.


In Ponyville, a pegasus pony named White Bow receives questions through his ask blog. His replies to many of the questions are drawn in an almost photographic way. These drawings are often of White Bow's expression; in addition to, his responce to the question.

While working at The Lovely Petal, a diner, he also met his current stalionfriend, Rhythm Blues. Rhythm Blues is a retired dance instructor.

The last updates posted to the blog revealed that White Bow was happily looking forward to a new career working at Rhythm Blues' father's chandlery, selling candles and soaps. The future looks bright.

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