Ask Virtue
The real main character.
Ask Virtue tumblr
Blog type Ask, Draw
Status Active
Date Created August 2, 2011
Main Character(s) Virtue, QueenGod

Ask Virtue is a drawn ask blog centered around the pony OC's Virtue and QueenGod. Virtue is a tan unicorn with blond hair, grey eyes, and sharp, shark-like teeth, while QueenGod is a tall violet alicorn with long flowing blue hair, a pair of jet powered artificial wings, and a small yellow antennae topper with a smiley face on it on the tip of her notched horn.

Characters Edit

Virtue Edit

In the beginning, Virtue had little character and was simply an avatar for the Mods interaction with other tumblr users, however he eventually evolved into his own character. In the original comic series posted on the blog (now removed), Virtue in a series of mishaps with a friendship laser he constructed to convert other ponies into his unconditional friends, ended up inadvertently causing a number of the fandom's tropes such as the Scootaloo chicken joke and the fetishization of socks. Eventually Virtue's failures caused him to go mad and give up on his scientific pursuits as a whole. After that, posts on AskVirtue took on a much more ridiculous approach to comedy. AskVirtue made a number of crossover posts with Starlight Gear of askaridiculousfanpony.tumblr and began to gain more of a regular following. After a post about Virtue burning down his own home in an attempt to sabotage and babysitting ask, he was pursued by police and shown for the first time with his grayed out colors and sharp teeth. Afterwards, he was always drawn in this way, gradually becoming even more desaturated, though the reason why has yet to been revealed. Nowadays, Virtue has become very embittered and cold to the world around him, sometimes going out of his way to cause pain and anguish to others. Regardless of this, Virtue still finds he has some friends, even if he doesn't treat them as such.


Virtue's updated appearance.

QueenGod UltraViolet Swirly SparklePants Edit

QueenGod is shown as very self absorbed and over powered like and good terrible OC created by an 8th grader should be. QueenGod fills out many of the common tropes of the traditional bad OC. She is oversexualized, irresistibly attractive, the most powerful anything ever, and therefore, the ultimate lifeform. Queengod conducts herself with grace and poise, as she is a fancy fancy lady. Also, everyone loves her and she is the prettiest girl in school.

Creation of Ask VirtueEdit


This is the kind of stupidity you can find on Virtues blog.

Ask QueenGod(and virtue) is run by AZICEDPON (formerly known as FracturedCB) who started the blog in early August of 2011 shortly after discovering the pony fandom. Initially the blog was home to the titular character Virtue alone. Later on, QueenGod UltraViolet Swirly SparklePants would become an additional main character. QueenGod's creation can be attributed to a bad OC contest held by in April of 2012. Originally a one off joke character, QueenGod quickly gained a following and became a supporting character after repeated requests for her return. Eventually QueenGod would become more than a supporting character and has in a way taken over the blog entirely.

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