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Vinyl The Vampire
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Vinyl The Vampire tumblr
Owner Justin Guerrero A.K.A: Danger Wasp (mod/writer/artist)
Blog type Gothic web-Manga ask blog
Status active
Date Created January 25th, 2013
Main Character(s) Vinyl scratch
Supporting Character(s) Octavia, Derpy, Gamer Lyra, BonBon, Princess Luna, Pinkamena Diane pie

" nearly 130 years ago, Viola Bratsche was murdered the night after her concert. Her friends torn apart and Viola dead at the hands of a Vampire named Lestat. Shortly after, Viola was brought back to life due to her being bit by the Vampire, and so she began her new life as the undead…

130 years later, Viola created a new life for herself and changed her name to “Vinyl Scratch”. She has now become Equestria’s most popular Disc Jockey. Vinyl has eventually moved in with another musician named “Octavia”, where they lived their lives together in harmony. That was until Vinyl has begun to get close to her 150th birthday, and after 150 years Vinyl will lose all sense of Humanity and embrace her darkest side and become a monster of the night.

 However, Vinyl has plans of her own, and began hunting rogue vampires to get herself stronger enough to get revenge on Lestat. So she used her job as a DJ to cover up her vampiric life from the Equestrian public and from her roomate."


Vinyl's BackstoryEdit

Vinyl scratch was originally known as Viola Bratsche, 130 years prior to the first ask. Viola was a popular Violinist during her time but met a tragic end at the hands of Lestat, a rogue vampire who stumbled upon Viola and her friends the night after their concert. Lestat didn't hesistate to go on a bloodlust and murdered all of Viola's friends, and Tore Viola's neck open, leading to Viola's death. However, since Viola was infected by lestat during her encounter, Viola was brought back to life as a vampire...     


This Blog follows the story of Vinyl "Viola Bratsche" Scratch, In this alternate universe where she is a vampire who hunts down rogue vampires and enjoys her everyday life being undead. The story is told through weekly or Monthly page(s) of Manga which center around Vinyl as she either answers questions or sets out during story arcs.


Vinyl Scratch/ Viola Bratsche/ DJ-PON3Edit

The reader is introduced to vinyl in the first ask during one of her parties going on at her club, she demonstrates how she kills her "prey" by using herself as a sexy bait. from there on the reader begins to learn more and more about Vinyl. The reader soon learns her intentions, to kill a Rogue Vampire named Lestat who killed her friends and turned Vinyl (formerly Viola) into a vampire. Vinyl's personality is one who thinks on action not words, as she has shown especially in combat where she would get the first move and attack. as of Blood Bakery Chp4 P29, it is also revealed that a fragment of Vinyl's souls, the human part of her corrupted soul is able to calm vinyl down as she began to lose herself.

Octavia MelodyEdit

Octavia Melody is Vinyl's roomate and the one who provides Vinyl shelter, she is introduced between #11 and 12 in the ask posts. she has a slightly calm and well mannered personality, but can quickly lose her temper (an example was when vinyl dropped a weapons crate through the roof during the "Gradus Vita" story arc). She is also laid back and mostly stays at home playing the cello or enjoying her daily life, other days she would not be home since she is at practice. It has been hinted at that there could be more behind Octavia than what is presented. only time will tell.

Lestat "The Masked Vampire"Edit

Briefly mentioned in some of the early posts, all that is known about her is that she killed Viola, her friends, and many others for no known reason; along with the fact that she is the reason why Viola is still living, but as a vampire and looks forward to killing her..

"Gradus Vita" Story arc #1Edit

In this storyarc. Vinyl has recieved news of a series of muders from within the everfree forest. She sets out to help an Equestrian commander named Toros, to find out who is responsible behind these murders. Once they entered the everfree forest, they were engaged by hundreds of Ghouls, created from a vampire biting a body and sucking out all of its blood. In response, the commander called upon reinforcments which were quickly taken down along with the commander by a Rogue, unnamed vampire. After a short duel between the two vampires, Vinyl won after cathing the rogue vampire off guard and piercing the vampire's heart with Vinyl's broken katana, where Vinyl proceeds to suck on the Vampire's blood.

"Blood Bakery" Story arc #2Edit

Taking place months after the "Gradus Vita" storyarc, another series of kidnappings and dissapearances has begun. but there is no signs of any vampires this time around. The Royal guards have arrested Mrs.Cake for the murders since the majority of the dead victims were found in sugarcube corner not too long after. Now Pinkie pie is n charge of sugarcube corner, and she wants rainbow dash to help her out in making her newest cupcake. the story progresses with Vinyl searching for Rainbow dash and finding her in the basement of the sugarcube corner, dubbed "The Blood Bakery" by a vampire she ran into on her search. Vinyl and Pinkie then fight as Vinyl tires to rescue Dash. what ensues is a bloody fight between a Vampire and an Element of Harmony.

"Morte Mea" Story arc #3Edit

"Morte Mea" (latin for: My death) is the third story arc/ second volume in the Vinyl the Vampire storyline. the short story arc acts as a prologue to the entire blog, showing the readers what happened during the last few hours of Viola Bratsche's life. how she became a vampire, what Lestat has done, and other important information is revealed in this short story. 


  • The original story was going to involve Vinyl having a Vampire Throll named Serena. even though she isn't in the overall story she has made two appearances in the earlier posts when she was supposed to be in the storyline. she is seen dancing in #1 of ask vinyl the vampire, and mopes at the loss of her boyfriend (to vinyl) in #6.
  • The blog was not inspired by the popular fanfic "My roomate is a Vampire". Rather it was inspired by epic pie time and Hellsing ultimate. the fact that Vinyl the Vampire and My roomate is a vampire both deal with vinyl being a vampire is pure coincidence.
  • the land of Equestria is a mixture of different time periods. the homes are structured after those from the renaissance time period, the weapons are inspired by the modern age weapons, the royal guards armor and the swords are that from the midieval era, lastly the Demeter and princess celestia's uniform are from the 40's, during the time period in which world war II took place.
  • the style of the manga is heavily inspired from the "Hellsing" manga by Kohta Hirano and the style of Nintendo's "Madworld" video game.

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