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Dr. Victor MordenheimEdit

Ah, where to begin. Victor Mordenheim is a zebra mad scientist, currently living in the rebuilt Castle of the Sisters deep in the heart of the Everfree Forest. He mainly keeps to himself, running his mad experiments beneath the castle. He has managed, however, to befriend a few ponies in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Manehattan. He offers a rather unique perspective on the history of the area, as he is one of the few beings in the area older than Princess Celestia herself.

He has embarked on adventures into other dimensions on occasion, thanks to his close study of Pinkie Pie and her amazing ability to break the Fourth Wall. He has recently created, for lack of a better term, an assistant of sorts named Jeeves, a pony completely clad in armor from head to under hoof who guards the castle in Victor's absence.

He has grown bored so far out in the Everfree, however, and is considering opening up a free clinic for those in need somewhere in Ponyville.

Ask Victor MordenheimEdit

Ask Victor Mordenheim is actually a written blog, mostly presented as a series of short vignettes based on questions that the good doctor receives. These stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes, serious, and occasionally extremely dark. The pieces are somewhat manic and haphazard, ranging from light and funny, to adventurous, to plain horrific.

There are the usual reblogs and gift art posts, usually from close friends Dream Baker and Ditzy. Being a written blog, it relies on asks almost exclusively for it's content, so doesn't update as often as most blogs.

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