Ask Velvet
Ask Velvet tumblr
Owner Carniscorner
Status On hiatus
Main Character(s) Velvet
Supporting Character(s) Strap

Ask Velvet is an ask-driven blog detailing the successes of The Crop, a sex toy and clothing shop run by Velvet and her hooded co-proprietor Strap. After discovering her talent for creating beautiful but racy garments, Velvet went into business with her more mechanically-minded partner, and ever since then the shop has seen a steady stream of very quiet, subtle customers. Also Surprise.



The Ask Velvet tumblrverse is very detailed at this point, but the blog neatly avoids the most graphic images wherever possible. In an unusual twist for an OC NSFW pony blog, it can be quite heart touching and deep. One Anon posted:

This is just the two cents of an Anon who's too lazy to make a Tumblr account, but I can honestly say that Ask Velvet has changed my view towards OCs. After all, they are unique characters with individual stories that simply happen to be aesthetically pleasing ponies. And honestly, the story you're telling is brilliant, engaging and adorable. Keep up the good work, and know that your fans outnumber your followers.

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