Ask Vanilla Latte
O-oh Dear
Vanilla tries on some new panties. <3
Ask Vanilla Latte tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Dead :(
Main Character(s) Vanilla Latte
Supporting Character(s) Ember

Vanilla Latte is a young mare who recently moved to Ponyville all the way from Fillydelphia. As soon as she arrived, she ran into a mare named Ember. Ember ended up forcing herself into Vanilla's life, and they now live together in an apartment above Vanilla's cafe.

The only problem is Ember's personality. She's very mischievous and is often using her special talent against other ponies in order to get what she wants. What she "wants" is usually NSFW. And Vanilla, well she's the type of pony to get very embarrassed around that stuff, very easily.

So come ask Vanilla about her life!

EDIT: This blog is now down! Go follow the new blog:

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