Ask Ursa Major
Ask Ursa Major tumblr
Main Character(s) Ursa Major

Ask Ursa Major blog follows adventures of an Ursa Major bear that shortly appears in the end of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode 6, season 1 as well as Ursa Minor who appears in the same episode.

As it is with background ponies and creatures, very little canon lore about Ursas is available. The artist uses freely his own imagination and fanon of the rest of the fandom while drawing for the blog. Ponies and creatures from other tumblrs may pop in and out of Ask Ursa Major tumblr as long as they somehow fit in the world.

Background Edit

While it has not been clearly said Ursa Major's age must be at least over a milennia, as she remembers Princess Luna's banishment. Her parents have not been mentioned, but from early childhood she was under Princess Luna's care. While the relationship between them was warm in the beginning, as Ursa Major grew up the feelings turned into longing for freedom. She begun to view the magics that kept her in compatible size and started to loathe the way the ponies controlled the nature. Eventually she ran away to Everfree forest, the only place where she can be in peace.

Recently she fought with Discord who shrunk her and her son, teleporting them to Ponyville. Ever since she has not been in control of her own feelings and has been unable to find out why.

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