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Ask Twilight Stalker
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Ask, story-driven, Role Play, Drawn Blog

Date Created:

Unknown as of yet

Current Status:

Active, sparse posting

Primary Target:

Princess Celestia

Secondary Characters:

Other Equestrian residents.



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Twilight Stalker is a canon character, set into a alternative universe. It was inspired by 2 blogs, namely: Ask Stalkerloo and Ask Flutterstalker, and it's a sort of fork from withing the Stalkerloo's universe, set in time not long before the Friendship Patrol was established and before Scootaloo joined it.

Unlike Ask-Twi, this blog is detail- and environment-heavy, which is one of the main reasons why the updates are so sparse and far apart.

Stalkerloo official

The post that started it all:

Art style is very heavily influernced by Aphex, the creator of Ask Stalkerloo, as well as various authors from inside and outside of the Tumblrverse.

Background Edit

As of now, very little is known about the background of Twilight Stalker, but it's been believed, that Twilight has taken her obsession of knowing things a little too far and that's what fuels her drive.

Main target Edit

Princess Celestia

Secondary target Edit

Everyone else

Moto Edit

If you exist, you're on my list. I'll be seeing you soon. VERY soon.

Interaction with other Tumblrs Edit

As of time of the writing, there was no interaction with any other Tumblrs, but due to the nature of the blog, interactions are bound to happen.

Details Edit

AskTwilightStalker is drawn by User:Twilightthepony in Easy Paint tool SAI

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Tumblrs from same author Edit

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