Ask Tumblr Pony
'Happy' to serve you!
Ask Tumblr Pony tumblr
Owner Ensayne
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Tumblr Pony
Connected With Everything and everyone

Ask Tumblr Pony or Ask the Pony App is a blog starring an unusual mare named "Tumblr Pony". Curiously enough, she also happens to be an application for use by bronies. Precisely how she can be used is yet to be revealed.

...No, it's a Safe For Work blog. Mind out of the gutter.

Not to be confused with... er... asking any other Tumblr pony.

Tumblr Pony's FeaturesEdit

  • Mostly unknown.
    • Recommend additional question input for testing purposes.
  • High cynicism output during normal operation.
  • Unable to personally alter Tumblr functionality.

Bug ListEdit

  • May deliver viruses to ponies who ask cheeky leading questions.

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