Ask Trixie
Ask Trixie tumblr
Owner The Paragon (DA)
Blog type Ask, Drawn
Status Active
Date Created Aug/Sept? 2011
Main Character(s) Trixie
Supporting Character(s) Fluttershy
Connected With

Ask Trixie is a Drawn Ask Blog for The Great and Powerful Trixie.

Interaction with other PoniesEdit

Twilight SparkleEdit

Her relationship with Twilight is something like frenemies. They can sometimes get along as if they were friends or something more until Trixie pushes her away. For example, they spent New Year's Eve together but Trixie later pushed Twilight away - literally. Over a cliff. Their interactions are frequently adversarial (and cliff-related), but clear indications of affection remain present under the conflict's surface.

Pirate DashEdit

Trixie and Pirate Dash have attacked each other on numerous occasions, usually in retaliation for the prior offense. Efforts to reconcile have been made on multiple occasions, but tend to be interrupted.

Princess LunaEdit

Trixie is Princess Luna's apprentice, though the two have also spent time together beyond just lessons, such as enjoying some juice together. Princess Luna has also comforted Trixie when Trixie was feeling down.


During Discord's brief reign, the discorded Trixie lacked self-confidence and was pushed around by Flutterjerk. After Discord was defeated, Trixie put up with allowing Fluttershy to live with her for a brief time.

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