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Ask Timebomb!/ Timebomb replies whitty questions
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explosives extraordinaire at your service
Ask Timebomb!/ Timebomb replies witty questions tumblr
Owner NicolasNonexist
Blog type Ask/storry, Art
Status Active
Date Created October 3 ,possibly October 2 though


Main Character(s) Timebomb
Supporting Character(s) magic 8 ball

spectral figure nightmare moon spy pony of unknown name

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Ask Timebomb (or timebombrelpieswhittyquestions) is a blog created by NicolasNonexist on the third (or maybe second) of October of 2012 , it features the mischievous adventures of timebomb , a perfectly classical insane villain with a rather short fused temper, an unhealthy obsession for explosives , espionage , electricity and engineering  and with a rather dapper top hat, cape , handlebar moustache and monocle , taking on the classical image of a villain but deepening on the personality and the life of the character , both while in nefarious acts and general nonsense, it is created with a traditional media, ranging from markers and pens to typewriters and Chinese inks (and much more , more explained bellow)

The Story So Far

((for a more complete explanation visit the Story So Far page )) {C}


chapter 0 => After arriving at his brand new dust filled spider packed evil lair (northem watchtower in the everfree) bought in neighslist (clear punyfication of craigslist) he quickly installed himself there fixing the ruin to a hospitable state (there's a reason why it is the chapter 0 dears)

chapter 1 => Curtains , do you hate it when you wake up in the morning 'cause it's too bloody hot and you have no curtains about? ,well in his particular case he had to fetch some at some really early hours (2 pm), unfortunately for him he ran into some perilous pink problem while on his way , but after a failed attempt to explode the pink mare he panicked and ran for dear life , accidentally tipping on a bad bad rock and finding his way to carousel boutique , the episode ended on him escaping the dangerous fast gem projectiles being shot at him by rarity after stealing the fabric for the curtains and a sensibly fashionable look


chapter 2 (not finished yet WIP) => Struggling to find a reason onto why his experiments to create a bomb with the essence of the poison joke flower fail , he embarks to a trip onto the strange town of hollow shades (it appears in the map , but so far we know jack sh1t about it =P) and after obtaining information in one of his favourite cafe's no cafe's the antagonist he embarks onto the peculiar and probably haunted library of the town to find the proper book ... (to be continued)


nightmares => the deal with the nightmares is that it’s a telling on how he came to be to that particular state of mind , like his past and such , however it’s being told by the inner voice rattling in his brain. I’m not gonna spoil more from it but it is really weird looking for that reason , they are only posted between chapters like chapter ends , one page of nightmare and another chapter starts


Timebomb > Timebomb is a fairly unstable and somewhat strange character , from a frosty small town that was about 1H south of the crystal empire , his perspective on everything trends to be rather unusual towards everything , perhaps that's why he's quiet paranoid about the C.I.A. (Celestial Imperial Administration) doctors , leather jackets and cigarettes , the 50's , babies, royalty , relationships amongst many other things that would take too long to list, and perhaps even though it is indeed a counterproductive bit of his personality it allows him to see more clearly trough the lies of other creatures 


he has a peculiar contexture , half a head higher that twilight (a bit small compared to some other stallions) with a heavy accent of unrecognizable origin and a fabulous moustache (c’mon , handlebar moustaches are amazing), his coat being of a hue of cool grey 30% (PB-110) while his hair being of a cool grey 80% (PB-115) and his mouth being of a cool grey 40% (PM-111), his cutiemark being a round cartoon'ish bomb with an eye in the centre of it and some dynamite sticks behind the bomb , and his right eye actually being a robotic replacement of the original one created out of several things including an old round watch , hence the 12 hour markers that he has there   Magic 8 Ball > while not properly a sentient thing , the magic 8 ball is referred as a character by timebomb in a very flattering way , perhaps even in a  cultist-ish way , while he believes the magic 8 ball to be the physical embodiment of luck and fortune (which will neither be confirmed nor denied, i really don’t know yet) it is at least known that it is a conscious thing and that it does follow tb around (like a find waldo kind of thing, see?), it is described by him as a rather prideful, spontaneous and somewhat wise thing  whom is likely to punish you if you play with it's temper and/or pride

there's not much apart from that , it looks like any other magic 8 ball, perhaps a bit older but still hardly different


spectral entity > linked to his past [SPOILERS]


Nightmare Moon > while there's still not a lot of information out of her tb feels a great deal of admiration towards her , Which will lead to some interesting events in the future , i won’t spoil nothing more for now =P


celestia and luna (royal sisters) > that would be the main antagonists (well at least the antagonists to the antagonist) again , apart from the cannon show things not much shall be added 'cause of spoilers, and cadence and twilight are not included 'cause they probably know much less about the whole royal governmental stuff that may be happening behind closed doors


spy ponies> while the C.I.A. is not sure yet of what's going about , they have dispatched some agents to sniff for clues , but for now that's not a big concern , further on we shall go in depth with some of these spies

Technology And Magic

  • Schematics , Freeze dish deffence against pegasi and other winged creatures
  • The Deadly Deep Dip Device
  • The Tower
  • hypnotic ray gun

technology that will most likely be seen about is technology resembling the advancements from the 1910 'till 1960's /Sci-Fi tec, while there is not a clear knowledge onto what level of technology they have in equestria (cannon and otherwise) we do know from that first episode of the pinkie sense that they have much higher levels of technology than what's generally argued ? ...

ANYWAYS the technology that will be commonly seen about here is either very villan-esque like hypno rays (the one in the image) or freeze beams , or tesla related tech like induced energy or laser rays


Magic> Magic is going to play a big role story wise , while traditional unicorn magic is not really going to be (due to obvious reasons (the main character being an earth pony)) magic from external more elemental based type is going to be present (like the magic that holds Timberwolves together , the alicorn amulet and such), while going into detail with this aspect would be a major spoiler it's safe to say that the exploration and accumulation of such powers will be a point of interest to tb

The Follower Appreciation Program (F.A.P.) 

((that joke was funnier in my head))

The Follower Appreciation Program is a subtle way to express gratitude towards the  viewers of the blog , simply by choosing them at random (using and placing them in the background as cameos , though not strictly important i thought it would be nice to clear that out  also 'cause i have a terribly poor sense of humour

Trivia & Random Datta

1> While the blog officially came to existence the 3rd or 2nd of October 2012 , the creation of timebomb dates back as to December 31 2011 , the mod just took that long to plan things out

2> He has a particular distaste for any leather made thing , it's possibly nothing to do with the material BUT more something to do with the whole greaser image and 50's fear/hate thing

3> Due to the fact that his tower works with induced energy the grass around it has a peculiar property which sends small jolts of electricity to whomever steps on it (and is not used to that) which keep most creatures from the everfree away as well as a great deal of ponies and other sentient rationale creatures

4> The name timebomb was not the original , the first name that came to mind was tick tock but due to timebomb sounding much better , the mod commissioned a piece by petirep before the name was set so it has remained with the name of tick tock

5> Talking about names ,  there's an actual timebomb in falout3 as well with its own lucky 8 ball, and the strangest part of it all is that the character was 0% influenced by that timebomb (at the time i didn't even own fallout 3) , believe it or not 

6> The particular way of his speech as well as a great deal of his personality was influenced by several people including Dr Loboto & the milkman (psychonauts), Dr Steel , mojo jojo (ppg) ,snidely whiplash (dodley do right) and several other fantastic villainous figures

7> While experienced in explosives and death creating machines he has taken a persona bow to not kill or lie which is curious considering that he's so chaotic and unstable

8> The magic 8 ball as previously stated is conscious , however it also is a rather peculiar thing for it replies with a certain level of sassiness and sarcasm 

9> While authorities are indeed looking for a perpetrator and thief of important things (like ancient books , the princesses diaries and relics) they've not set a clear picture of him yet

10> There will be several reoccurring spy ponies popping from time to time in the background , whomever can figure them out gets a drawing of a cookie (not a joke)

11> Yes , EVERYTHING is made by traditional media , that includes of course the typewriter thing I’ve been asked that some time not and I do use a typing machine , a brother, Nagoya jappan is the only info I’ve got on the thing tough

12> Apart from stolen goods and books he has a certain level of brilliance with which he creates strange contraptions such as a super powerful liquid nitrogen cooled computer and a musical mixer & virtual reality distorting vinyl playing helmet

13> He keeps a bottle of DIP in case of a certain monochrome rival invading his base

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