Ask The Three Fillies
Ask The Three Fillies tumblr
Owner tmntrocksm
Blog type Ask Blog
Status On Hiatus 'cause no questions
Date Created November 2013
Main Character(s) Abigail the changeling

Wolf Paw

Supporting Character(s) Mane Six

Queen Chrysalis

  Ask The Three Filles is an ask blog about a group of 2 friends who go on adventures, answer questions, or just hang in their shrunk clubhouse. This group of friends consists of a sweet, goofy, 4th wall breaking filly changeling named Abigail and a sarcastic and grumpy weretimberwolf filly named Wolf Paw. 

Characters Edit

Abigail is a silly filly changeling whose personality is similar to Pinkie Pie in a way. She usually breaks the 4th wall and annoys her friend Wolf Paw with her silly jokes. The Mane six know her exsitence but acknowledge her more as a friend then an ememy even though they could be a bit doubting of her at times. She has been banished from the hive of Queen Chyraslis after learning the power of friendship and now resides in a clubhouse that is located in the Everfree with her best friend Wolf Paw. She practices magic with Twilight Sparkle every weekend.

Abigail usual form is simailar to Queen Chyraslis. She is much smaller and has much lighter green hair. Her top mane is like Rainbow Dash which then goes straight at the bottom and tail like Rainbow Dash two. She also has no crapases and a her wings are hidden from view because of their team shirt. Her eyes are like anypony else with the same shade of green as her hair. 


Abigail' Reference

Wolf Paw is a WereTimbewolf filly whose personality is very oppisite to Abigail's. She's grumpy, ignorant, and usually mad at Abigail but she will be there for Abigail no matter what. Since being a WereTimberwolf she can turn into a Timberwolf at any given time she want yet her power is strongest at the time of the full moon. Her origins though are still unexplained but it is stated that she was not born a WereTimberwolf.

Wolf Paw is a green earth pony filly with an orange mane and tail similar to Rainbow Dash's. Her eyes are the same shade of orange as her mane. Her cutie mark is not shown yet because it is usually covered by the team uniform she wears.

Team UniformEdit

All members of The Three Fillies group (Abigail and Wolf Paw) usually wear a black uniform with the initials "T" on the front left leg and "F" on the front right leg sewed in white. The uniform also has a white collar around the neck.

On Haitus Edit

This blog isn't dead but is currently on Haitus because the lack of questions being received. Though there has been no OCC updates confirm this is true.

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