Ask The Smoker Ponies
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Owner Beta
Blog type Story Roleplay Ask Blog
Status Active
Date Created January 2013
Main Character(s) High Note & Prosperine
Supporting Character(s) Insomnia, BetaTheGamerPony, Odyssey, & Star Charmer (occaionally)


Age: 18

Gender: female

Height: taller than an average pony

Weight: half the weight of a normal pony

Birthday: unknown

Relationship Status: seeing someone [AskPalladian ]

Place Of Birth: unknown

Cutie Mark: satanic pentagram

Voice: Shamaya (Otep) [link ]

Prosperine was abandoned at a very young age. Being put out to fend for herself made her very weak and very vulnerable. As she was slowly dying, she ventured into the Everfree Forest and decided to sacrifice one of the small animals she had found. After sacrificing the small animal, she noticed she had earned her cutie mark.

Now surviving off of the spiritual energy of her sacrifices and cigarettes, she wonders the streets of Baltimare and living in a cardboard box behind a dumpster. She met up with High Note when she was 16 and had a crush him. She never told him though. When she was 17, High Note got a girlfriend and her heart was crushed and all her feelings for him faded. High Note lived in the alley with her until he moved in with his newly obtained girlfriend, leaving Prosperine to continue fending for herself.

High NoteEdit

Age: 20

Gender: male

Height: average height (about as tall as Big Macintosh)

Weight: average weight

Birthday: January 27th

Relationship Status: seeing someone (New Start)

Place Of Birth: Canterlot

Cutie Mark: pot leaf and a music note

Voice: Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria) [link ]

High Note was raised by two very rich, musically inclined ponies in Canterlot. He spent his filly days singing and smoking weed. One day after singing a few songs and smoking weed he passed out in bed and woke up with his cutie mark. Once his parents found out, they were disgusted by it and forced him to leave their house.

He then moved to Baltimare to see if he would fit in there. When he was 18 he met Prosperine. He lived in her alley for a while and began developing feelings for her but was too scared to tell her. A year later a unicorn mare got his attention and he was put under a spell by her. He has been under that same spell ever since that day. He moved in with the unicorn, who's name is New Start, and has been living with her up until now.

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