Dance of the Everfree Forest

Ask-TheParasprites Background

A few parsprites of the Everfree Forest have come together to renew their name not as annoyances, (most of the time) but as friends.

The Cast/ ColorsEdit

Blue: Proclaimed leader of the bunch, she's most responsible for bringing these parasprites together. Often seen taking charge and preventing chaos between the group. She (now) avoids eating often

Green: Proclaimed artist of their blog, He draws the pictures for the blog. Answers most OOC Comments. Often argues with OOC and Blue.

Crimson: The cannibalistic parasprite, Crimson is most feared among the group. He tries to maintain his appetite as often as possible, as he still considers these parsprites his friends. Often playfully tormenting Yellow, friends with Cakepony.

Orange: Loves to challenge authority. Seen as the prankster of the group, especially by Trublu. Hangs around Trublu and Grass.

Trublu: Fact sphere in a little blue circle, Trublu always tries to be correct. Seems to be stalked by Orange.

Grass: Smallest, and the youngest of all of the parasprites. His innocence makes him a bit naive, so he's often joined by Orange and Trublu. Considers Red to be his big bro.

White: No one really knows much about White, her eyes have been leaking since she's been hanging around with Crimson. They say White has actually been cursed to not be able to eat. Often seen observing others and their actions.</p>

Pink: Her role model is Pinkie Pie. 'nuff said.

Brown: The most relaxed of the parasprites. She's often lazing around, usually eyes closed. She likes a passive life, and wants everyone to be happy together. Very unlikely to anger, and is not often seen eating; Mostly sleeping.

Yellow: The scaredy-pony of the group. She's easily scared, probably even more than Fluttershy. Though no one blames her; Crimson is always bothering her. Hangs around Pink, they both can relate to cute things.

Purple: Biggest fan of Rarity, Purple wishes to maybe work with her. Unfortunately, he knows about what happened the last time parasprites were in Carousel Boutique... So in order to make it up to her, Purple gathers materials in the Everfree Forest to construct outfits. He wishes to eventually construct a line to impress Rarity, and hopefully work for her.

Black: Often seen in the back of the group, Black often tries to stay out of conversation unless directly asked. She has remained quiet throughout the blog's history, only time will tell when she will act.

Red: Not to be confused with Crimson, Red is the largest, and often the hungriest of the parasprites. Being big makes him very unlikely to regenerate, even if he eats pounds of food.

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