Sam bed

Sam just lying around

A team of six ponies, Embergale (The Blacksmith), Twinklesnow (The Eternal Apprentice), Sam (The Tinker), Cammie (The Assassin), Kaeruleus (The Gladitorial Knight), and Odium (The Mute Alchemist), commissioned by Luna to go on various adventures across Equestria and it's neighboring countries. As their adventure continues, each character goes through various challenges and uses their skills to allow them to persevere. Along the way they will meet various villains, including a resurrected Qilin known by the name of Xorionis who is trying to incite madness across the world.

This tumblr also has a fanfic it coincides with, links are below:

The artist also has a deviantart account she tends to post things to from time to time:

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