Ask The Linkin Ponies header. From left to right: FeatherTune, BlazingFlair, HyperBlitz, CharmingRhythm, EchoBeat, SpinningNote

"Ask The Linkin Ponies" is an ask blog created by Kaciekk. It is an OC blog with characters that are the ponyfied version of the American band, Linkin Park. The character's personalities and backgrounds are based off of the band memebers, but have grown to be their own

Characters Edit

The main characters consist of HyperBlitz as Chester Bennington, CharmingRhythm as Mike Shinoda, BlazingFlair as Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell, EchoBeat as Rob Bourdon, FeatherTune as Brad Delson, and SpinningNote as Joe Hahn

Other characters that appear are ThunderCharm as Kaciekk(the Mod), HeartFelt as Anna Shinoda, SweetHooves as Talinda Bennington, JumpingJolt as Tyler Bennington, and GentleSketch as Otis Shinoda.

Overview Edit

Ask the Linkin Ponies( or ATLP for short) is a comedy based blog. The Linkin Ponies answer questions. Some questions are difficult to ask, so they are not active very often. Animations of the Linkin Ponies can be seen often. Asks range from random to things that have to do with the actual band members.

The things that happen are not completely canon to the Linkin Ponies world. The ATLP is a bit of an alternative universe itself. Several situations are based of what has happened in real life with Linkin Park, an example would be HyperBlitz breaking his ankle just as Chester did.

Besides answers, are of the Linkin Ponies is posted. The art is fanart and things created by Kaciekk.

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