Ask the Dash Family
Rainbow Dash in Socks-Cuteandawesome
Ask The Dash Family tumblr
Owner [Devil Doll]
Blog type Ask
Status Hiatus
Main Character(s) Rainbow Dash
Supporting Character(s) Rainbow Shine(mom), Rainbow Blitz(dad)

This is about Rainbow Dash and her family answering questions together in the family is Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Shine the mom and Rainbow Blitz the dad.


The art is made with Paint Tool Sai and made with a Intous 4 small tablet

Blog BioEdit

Ask the Dash Family is about Rainbow Dash's family with Rainbow Shine and Rainbow Blitz as the mom and dad. It's mostly Rainbow Dash answering questions and the parents might be in there sometimes. This is mostly just a blog about Rainbow Dash's normal everyday life with her parents.

Story Line Incomplete SPOILERS!!!Edit

This story is about how Rainbow Dash overhears her mom and dad talking about how Tumblr might tell the truth about her family history. The parents are talking about how Rainbow Shine isn't the real mother of Rainbow Dash and talks about how Rainbow Dash might find something on Tumblr showing her family history and how Firefly is the real mom of Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash goes to find her real mom to know more about her family history while answering questions on the way with a camera she carried. Rainbow Dash travel all around Equestria meeting other ponies and some of the mane 6 as fillies helping her know where she is.

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