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Status Inactive
Date Created May 2013
Main Character(s) Wii, Xbox, Playstation
Supporting Character(s) All the other consoles
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A blog about video game systems, AKA Consoles, Turn into ponies. It has a balance of humorous and serious/story posts.


Drawn with a unique art style in Paint Tool Sai, Although the sketches/rough drafts are drawn traditionally. Drawn with a digipro tablet.


Wii, Famicom and NES live together near the water, with Xbox and Playstation living next to each other.  Together Wii, Xbox and Playstation has made a blog willing to answer questions that gamer bronies ask to them. They all become friends dispite the fact that they are all three battling the console wars. Playstation and Xbox are still a bit aggressive with eachother, although deep down they're best friends. Wii tries to calm them down whenever they get into a fight, And.. Usually succeeds. Usually!

The other consoles make apperences from time to time, also answering questions. Hope you like


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Wii Pony at the Pony Prom

Wii Pony Edit

Wii is a very friendly pony who would like to be friends with anyone. She is very nice and kind. Leading the console wars right now, But doesn't want to get into any fight.

  • Name- Nintendo Wii
  • Birthday- December 2
  • Type- Unicorn
  • Mane color- White and light blue
  • Eye color- Blue
  • Coat Color- White
  • Cutie mark- Wii Logo

Playstation PonyEdit


Playstation and her little sister PSP

Playstation is an up-for-anything full-of-energy pony. She is a bit conceded and selfish though, Going around saying to others that she is the best console and constantly dissing Xbox. Design based off the PS1 logo.
  • Name- Sony Playstation
  • Birthday- December 3
  • Type- Pegasus
  • Mane Color- Blue, Green, Yellow and Red
  • Coat Color- Black
  • Eye Color- Red
  • Cutie mark- PS1 logo



Xbox getting featured on PNN news, Talking about the new Xbox one

Xbox is a pony that can get mad easily, although she is still a very kind pony. Her rival is Playstation, and She constantly makes sure that she's in the lead in the console wars, and that everything is perfect. Don't let her long wavy glowing hair fool you though- She is a full time tomboy.

  • Name- Microsoft Xbox
  • Birthday- February 22
  • Type- Earth Pony
  • Mane Color- Black with glowing green streaks
  • Coat Color- Really Dark Grey
  • Eye Color- Green
  • Cutie Mark- Xbox 360 Logo

Note that her Glowing green streaks and Eyes change into the color red when she RROD's, ((Red ring of death)) And turns grey and stops glowing when she's not awake. It also turns orange when connecting to Xbox Live.

Other ConsolesEdit

Throughout the blog there will be more Console Ponies you can ask.