Ask The Bee Sisters
Honey-Minded Pony Folk


Bumblesweet and Honeybuzz (from left to right)


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Bee Wranglers

Ask The Bee Sisters is a SFW ask draw blog featuring the "toy only" ponies Bumblesweet and Honeybuzz.They keep bees for Ponyville.


Tumblr ly2orwhcAx1qeuz19o1 500

G4 Honeybuzz and Bumblesweet toys


Cutie Mark and mascot

The blog should update weekly but the sisters are always busy as bees, they rarely find the time to maintain their blog. The blog follows no specific, premade story but, instead, evolves from the questions asked.

According to their official backstory information cards, "Bumblesweet is very polite! She loves to talk to everypony and always has something to nice say." and "Honeybuzz is often so busy that she forgets to take a break, but she always stops to smell the flowers!" The blog is meant to incorporate these characteristics (even if it falls short of doing so sometimes) as the main driving force behind how questions are answered.

The blog is run by the same person behind IRL Pony Adventures .

Roleplay/Guest AppearancesEdit

Art StyleEdit

Is stupid at best and painstakingly slow. It may be digital but I start off with sketches on paper in pencil. I sketch, darken the lines, erase stray markings, outline again, take a freaking picture in perfect lighting (because I have no scanner), and spend hours in photoshop to clean it up. Usually takes me several days for one picture and they still don't look as good as most other draw blog art.


They have them. Choice flank here.

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