Ask TF2 Team Luna
Ask The LUN team
Ask TF2 Team Luna tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Dead
Date Created July 17, 2012
Main Character(s) Team Luna
Supporting Character(s) Team Celestia, AnthroSnipers, Pony parallels.
Connected With Askmat2, Ask The Ace Wings, and (loosely)

A spin-off blog of AskMat2 set in a seprate universe that commonly interacts with the Askmat2 universe.

In this universe the world is spit into the Continents of Teufort and Equestria.

Teufort's history is exactly the same as the main TF2 universe aside from when Luna and Celestia purchased clones and respawn tech from TF Industries and Mann Co respectively.

Equestria on the other hand is ruled by the warring sisters, the anthrosnipers Celestia and Luna, in direct parallel to the Mann brothers.

The mane6 also exist on separate sides of the war along with other class parallels. It is not known why they are divided, however due to the difference in events, they may have never been friends.

CEL: Fire Fly
LUN: Rainbow Dash

CEL: Sparkler (G1)
LUN: Rarity

CEL: Berry Punch

CEL: Zeccora
LUN: Fluttershy

CEL: Twilight Sparkle
LUN: Trixie

CEL: Spike
LUN: Derpy

CEL: Applejack (G3 Toy)
LUN: Applejack

CEL: Big Macintosh
LUN: Luna (Non-anthro)

CEL: Pinkie Pie
LUN: Surprise

Ask Team Luna is technically not a "GMOD blog" as all of the posts made since it's creation are made in Source Filmmaker

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