Ask Sweetie Hipster
Flat Sweetie Hipster-Flutterstone
Ask Sweetie Hipster tumblr
Owner [Devil Doll]
Blog type Ask
Status Deactivated
Date Created December 29, 2012
Main Character(s) Sweetie Hipster
Supporting Character(s) Scootahipster, Hipsterbloom

 Sweetie Hipster is one of the CMH (Cutie Mark Hipsters). She was imspired by Scootahipster and Hipsterloo, wanting to join in and help complete the pack.


The art is made with Paint Tool Sai using an Intous 4 small tablet.

Character BioEdit

At 8 years old Sweetie Hipster is the youngest of the CMH, but is considered the meanest by Hipster Trixie and Scootahipster. She has gotten annoyed with this since her name is SWEETIE hipster and not MEANIE Hipster. Sweetie Hipster has a sister named Hipster Rarity, Rarity is the one who makes her outfits like her scarves and glasses and everything else.

  • Name: Sweetie Hipster
  • Age: 8
  • Mane Color: Dark Grey and dark purple
  • Coat Color: Grey (very close to white)
  • Eye Color: Green

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