Ask Sweetheart
Ask Sweetheart tumblr
Blog type Ask blog
Status Active
Main Character(s) Sweetheart
Supporting Character(s) This and That (a pair of love birds)
Connected With Ask Fenlock, Ask Vaudeville, Ask Clockwork Clover, Ask Starberry Blitz, Ask Button Pie, Ask Squeaky Clean
 Sweetheart is a dark rosy-brown Earth pony with purple eyes and a kind and coy nature. Her strawberry pink mane and tail is styled in an orchid bob (to make her look more like the flappers of the "Neighing 20's.") Her CutieMark is a heart-shaped piece of candy. If one were to hear her speak, her voice can be described as "soft and slightly French." She is Vaudeville's girlfriend.  (

Anthro Sweetheart cooking with her lovebirds

Sweetheart Clothed

She is very fond of old-timey jazz culture

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